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About Tamo

Tamo Hulva is a Bay Area eco-fashion pioneer and a leader in the San Francisco clothing industry for over twenty years. She is known for her baroness coat, which is revered throughout the bay area and internationally as a beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable faux fur coat for festivals and beyond. The Baroness was born in 2002 at Burning man and continues to be a staple statement piece.

After finishing her education in fashion merchandising and business, Tamo began her career working with many of the earliest eco-friendly fashion companies, overseeing design, development, and production.  This theme of striving for fashion produced in harmony with culture and the environment led to Tamo's role leading production and design at Wildlife Works.  Wildlife Works brought alternative employment to third world communities as an alternative to traditional environmentally destructive lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of conserving biodiversity in East Africa.  At Wildlife Works, Tamo developed an eco-clothing factory on the edge of a Kenyan wildlife preserve that employed villagers in fashion production rather than the alternative of poaching or deforestation, thus helping protect the region's exceptionally bio-diverse natural habitat.  Tamo's passion for wildlife and environmental conservation has also led her to collaborate with organizations like the Humane Society to actively campaign for conservation activities.

In addition to her own line, Tamo also started Wild Feather in. 2012, a San Francisco based clothing boutique that showcases local, independent designers. Beyond owning her own clothing line and local retail store, Tamo actively collaborates with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners in the fashion and art community by serving as a regular host of retail events, fashion shows, and community networking activities.


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